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"I Said I Wanted a Truck!!"

Our new DeLorean tow-truck (wrecker), shown just after the conversion.   The light-bar was installed and functional, but we hadn't added the IN2TIME logo or flux capacitor yet.

Our Custom Designed Wrecker Rigging.

Dual sets of hydraulic controls allow operation from either side of the wrecker.  The integrated light-bar is raised above the roofline for increased visibility.  Specially-designed soft-faced rubber was used on the vehicle support belts to provide superior protection to  the vehicle being towed.

Try Our Friendly Roadside Assistance.

Check out the DeLorean trailer behind the DeLoreans.

No Job is Too Big for IN2TIME Towing!

This job was definitely our largest, so we used our best equipment and personnel.  This 35' Airstream motor-home is referred to as "The Mother-Ship", by members of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club.  It is often used as a base-camp for their club activities.

And if That wasn't Impressive Enough...

The motor-home was towing a dolly with another DeLorean on it (followed by several more DeLoreans)!

On Display

The IN2TIME Tow Truck was one of several DeLoreans parked inside the Bellevue Square Mall (in Washington State).

Aerial View

This shot was taken from a walkway on the second floor of the Bellevue Square Mall.  The In2TIME Tow Truck and five other DeLoreans from the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club were parked inside the mall for a special promotion.

Although a lot of women were interested in the cars (and "the truck") it appeared that a most of the husbands spent time looking at the cars, while their wives spent money in the shops.


Time for Rest and Relaxation

After a hard day of work, there's nothing as peaceful as some time at the beach. For more great DeLorean Pictures, check out the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club site at

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